Drip Tape Splicing

HS1501-001 ALINE Splicer

ST1501-001 Drip Tape Splicing System (Base Model Package)

ALINE Splicing System

The ALINE Splicer is designed to bond irrigation drip tape, allowing users to maximize their drip tape investment. Also, this designed help users who want to utilize the remaining unused tape on their factory rolls, or who may want to splice multiple row lengths into a single roll.

This system incorporates the latest technology to control timing and heat transfer to ensure a strong adhesion of new and used drip tape. This system is used in conjunction with our Drip tape Splicing System, the resulting combination provides a high-capacity system that will allow tape users to join drip tape faster and more accurately than ever before. Users now have a choice in methods to permanently repair or join drip tape.


  • 120 VAC
  • Power supply
  • Digital readout.
  • Applies proper heat to new and reuse drip tape
  • Indicator light
  • Easy storage and maintenance
  • Replaceable parts

Watch a video of the ALINE Splicing System in operation.