Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment

Andros offers a variety of leach line installation and retrieval equipment to help mines be more efficient, precise, and save costs. The Andros equipment lines include models that can install leach lines on the surface, for shallow burial, and for deep applications used in leach mining.

Andros mining equipment is durable and can be configured with multi-line installations to save time and costs. Andros builds complete units or can provide critical components, such as spool carriers or injection tools, which can be added to existing equipment.

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Mining Equipment Lines

Andros has introduced the most innovative poly tube laying system on the market today. This TRUE BLUE I platform has a compact design and versatility surpassing all requirements for strength and functionality. Andros continues to innovate effective and efficient ways to deploy poly tubing or round leach lines accurately on SX heaps. Designed for surface applications or shallow injected tubing. Our robust applicators can be set at a variety of depths, while each tube layer is protected by our wear resistant Hi Chrome boot which shields your applicator from destructive abrasives. When paired with the Andros Foldaway Poly-Tube Carrier, users can align multiple carriers for narrow spacing matching hose spacing to your project’s irrigation demand. The carrier’s compact design moves the coil carrier arm closer to the toolbar connection location which helps make the overall unit less crowded and easier to use.

The TREK Heavy Wall Drip Line Layout Trailers are designed for mining operations that need a solution delivery system that is both portable and reusable. The unique design guarantees uniform performance under a wide variety of operating conditions and allows the use of any manufacturers hard hose with a minimal amount of adjustment. A speed control allows the operator to control the tension and speed of layout. Reel rotates and locks in multiple positions to allow the hose to be dispensed at any angle. All exposed metal components are zinc plated to resist corrosion. Precision bearings in the carrier assembly ensure long life, and a tensioning system on the carrier shaft provides gentle tension to prevent overrun at the end of the row.

The TREK Heavy Wall Drip Line Layout Trailers can be efficiently laid out from the edge of the heap using two small tractors or ATV’s. The first tractor pulls line over the leach field and the second tractor or ATV is used to move the layout system along the edge of the heap.

FORCE SDI Heavy Wall Injection Implement from Andros enables any user to inject thick wall poly tubing in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The features engineered into this tool design ensure that SDI injection will be done accurately and safely. Our craftsmanship and the use of ANSI wear resistant materials guarantees the integrity of the injected tubing while maintaining a long working life for the tool. In addition, we have incorporated a large rear radius injector that matches factory requested transitions. This attribute is essential for safeguarding material smoothly through the SDI injection process.

From the manual to the self-propelled unit, Andros Engineering BOOST Line has a full line of implements and machines to manage the large hoses or layflat in your fields or heaps. The BOOST large hose equipment is available in several different models including manual, spool less, and self-propelled. Each of the BOOST models are designed to each handle different requirements requested by customers.