Netting Implements – Bird (Vineyards)

Install and retrieve bird netting in vineyards.

The Andros GUARD Netting Implements (Bird) is the device that has revolutionized how viticulture handles intrusive wildlife; this system is designed to both, layout and retrieves linear wildlife protection net.

This device’s design features our comprehensive telescoping boom system for retrieval and also layout; this provides users the flexibility for adjusting “real time”. In addition, the material is collected with our world famous 28” Agri-Spool II, created specifically for net protection, and reuse.

“No matter what height is required”, this system has a built in vertical boom which allows field technicians the ability to raise and lower either layout spool, or collecting funnel, achieving the best scope for productive operation.


• Integrated Cat II 3 Pt. adapter.
• Auto Levelwind.
• Quick spool load and release.
• Safety chair with Safety Belt.
• Adjustable Vertical Boom
• 4:1 ratio Precision Speed Control.
• Open Center Hydraulics w/ 4 gpm flow requirement.
• Covers up to 1 acre per hour.
• 3 Person Team for layout and Retrieval

GUARD Bird Netting Implement

28″ Bird Netting Spools