Our Story


Since 1985, Andros has been pioneering innovation in agricultural and mining equipment. The innovations include developing the most accurate drip irrigation equipment to install, extract, and retrieve drip tape and drip lines. Andros irrigation farm equipment is being utilized on the largest and most advanced farms in the world. In addition to irrigation equipment, Andros manufactures a wide variety of specialized agricultural equipment including plastic mulch layers, transport trailers, pruners, and crop protection equipment.

Today, Andros provides both equipment and services through the three Andros divisions. Ag Equipment divisions manufactures custom and standard irrigation equipment. The Andros Services Division provides recycling and equipment rental services. And the third Andros Division, Research & Development Division, designs and builds unique agricultural equipment to the specifications of a client. Andros Research & Development Division builds equipment not available in market, helping to mechanize labor intensive field operations. Projects have included precision viticulture, field processing automation and precision vegetable production.

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The leader

Andros Engineering is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized implements and trailers for the agriculture industry. From entirely custom engineered pruners and netting implements to the most comprehensive line of irrigation injection and retrieval implements and trailers.

The difference

With more than 33 years of creating innovative equipment, we’ve designed in features and characteristics that ensure the equipment’s success in your field for many years.


Our clientele include some of the most successful producers of food and fiber in the world. By combining the latest technology, with a dedication to quality craftsmanship, we have developed a reputation as a world leader at providing specialized solutions for commercial farmers, seed and plant researchers and a variety of businesses that focus on supporting production agriculture.

  • Agricultural – Complete line of equipment for both drip tape deployment and retrieval,  orchard netting installation and retrieval, and vineyard pruning equipment.
  • Mining and Wastewater – SDI delivery and recovery system solutions for heap leaching including OEM and after market adaptability.
  • Plant Research and Nurseries – Solutions for labor reduction, seed and plant handling, proprietary designs. We offer a variety of process improvements for both domestic and international growers.
  • Engineering Solutions – Our experienced engineering team uses the latest software and technology creating labor reducing solutions.