Netting Implements – Wildlife

Installing and retrieving wildlife protection netting.

The Andros GUARD Netting Implements (Wildlife Protection) are designed to handle large and small production environments that require crop protection from intrusive pests, such as insects, reptiles, birds, mammals. This devices accommodating design allows minimal horsepower to retrieve reusable materials, while providing “real time” vertical adjustments and pitching of retrieval scope. The robust front mount tensioning system condenses and maximizes spool use, creating uniform rolls of reusable linear net. The adjustable auto tensioner on the levelwind arm loads reusable spools to maximum capacity making collecting material a breeze. Our rear mounted deployment system accommodates a variety of factory rolls covers. It allows materials to peel off evenly while rapidly deploying protective net during each pass. This unit can be outfitted with Cat I/II adapters, in addition storage racks for factory rolls, and net stakes.

We offer the device as an attachment to John Deere loader kits, (300 – 500 Series) or as a turnkey system, with a power platform that is ready to go to work when you receive.

Netting benefits

Andros GUARD wildlife netting is designed to protect plants, such as soybeans and corn, during planting and early stages of growth, VE—V3. The netting creates a solid barrier against invasive pests while permitting the plant to grow normally during these critical stages of early development. Netting can be ordered for a variety of lengths and widths, depending on your operation.