Research & Development


Looking for a way to mechanize, automate, or change field practices to drive greater efficiencies on your farm? Andros Research & Development is your source for research and development of agricultural equipment. Because Andros has impressive engineering capabilities and extensive field experience, they can design agricultural equipment that will reduce or replace labor intensive field practices and build it durable enough to last for years in the field. Andros works with farming operations on a project basis or as their contracted, outsourced engineering.


The Research & Development Division at Andros specializes in innovating how field practices are done with mechanisation. Working directly with farmers, Andros develops unique equipment based on provided specifications. In general, the equipment is designed to to improve field operations by reducing labor and time to get an operation done. Andros specializes in providing equipment solutions for today’s small, medium, and large farms. With more than 30 years of experience in agricultural equipment design and manufacturing, Andros provides our customers with a unique range of proven capabilities.

Our research and development of agricultural equipment services provide solutions and support for all phases of a project: concept creation, study and evaluation, planning and design, preparation of plans and specifications, construction manufacturing and contract administration.

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Andros designs of variety of equipment including:

  • Commercial nursery equipment
  • Processing equipment
  • Water distribution systems
  • Irrigation retrieval and deployment equipment
  • Spraying systems
  • Vegetable harvesters
  • Utility vehicles
  • Field assist equipment
  • Mine leaching retrieval and deployment
  • Crop protection retrieval and deployment
  • Pruners
  • Conveying systems
  • Blowers
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Self-propelled equipment
  • Equipment modifications
  • Electronic control systems

R&D Project Examples

Research and development of agricultural equipment.

Overhead Mower System in Greenhouses

Andros developed the overhead mowing system to meet the the grower’s requirements which resulted in reducing the time and labor associated with moving trays for frequent mowings. The overhead mowing system includes a gantry system and riding mower.


Innovative Pre-Pruner
Development of special application pruner (AGILE Pruner). Development of pre-pruners for open gable trellis applications for table grape crops applications to significantly reduce the time and labor associated with pruning the grapes.


Specialized Trailers
Development of special trailers for grain transportation including dump bed and removable cover.


Deployment and Retrieval Equipment
Development of special equipment for raspberry roots which included retrieval or rolling up unit, reusable reels, and installation equipment.


Specialized Trailers
Development of special equipment for grinding of plastic hose.


Portable Load Dock
Design and build of portable loading dock trailer. Provides customers the ability to transport the dock and load at a location. Trailer transforms from a trailer to a loading dock using hydraulics.


HDPE Piper Deployer Trailer
Design and build of a trailer to deploy and retrieve HDPE pipes in large rolls.


Grape Harvesting System
Innovative system for collecting grape trays from the field and loading on to a truck.