Drip Tape Installation

BOSS Drip Tape Injection implements, injection tools, and spool carriers.

BOSS Injection Implements and components are the most efficient and precise tools for installing drip tape from surface to deep applications. In the sections below, you will find links to the complete implements, individual injection tools, and individual spool carriers.

Injection Implements (BOSS)

Complete injection implements for surface, shallow, and deep (SDI) injection of drip tape.

Injection Implements (BOSS Junior)

Smaller, lighter weight, and simple design allows for a lower cost professional drip tape injection system.

Injection Tools

Includes injection tools for surface, shallow, and deep installations.

Ground-Following Systems

Ground-Following systems increase the accuracy at which the drip tape is buried. Each system independently maintains the burial depth lessing the affects of frame movement.

Drip Tape Guides

Drip tape guides are critical to consistent install, helping to reduce twisting of the tape during installation.

Spool Carriers

Spool carriers depsense the drip tape from cardboard rolls.