Orchard and Vineyard Drip Removal

Removal of drip lines in orchards or vineyards

Removing drip lines from orchards or vineyards can be done efficiently and organized with Andros retrieval equipment and Andros Ag Service recycling program. It is important to think about what equipment will help you quickly retrieve the lines as well as what you will do with the drip line materials when collected. The most efficient way to roll up the heavy wall hose is with a Mega Binder and the rolls produced will be large, well-organized rolls that are easy to manage and recycle. Contact Andros before you plan for orchard or vineyard removal to discuss the best equipment and recycling options.

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(Buried drip line applications only)

BEAST Extraction Implement  Shallow (1-Row, EB2007-001 )
  • Extracts 1 line per pass
  • Extracts heavy wall drip line for easy end of the row retrieval with Express or Mega Binder
  • Extracts to a maximum depth of 4″ (10 cm)
BEAST Extraction Implement web page and video
Orchards and Vineyards


Small orchards and vineyards

(Retrieve wire and heavy wall hose)

EXPRESS Heavy Wall Drip Line Retrieval Implement

The Express Retrieval implements are ideal choice for small to medium drip line removal projects in both vineyard and orchards. All of the Express units have speed control, adjustable core dimensions, and sturdy frames. The units can be configured with one or multiple heads and include a auto-level wind.

  • For reuse, recycle, or disposal
  • Available with single or multi-head units
  • Can retrieve wire or drip lines

Large orchards and vineyards

MEGA Binder Trailer
  • Best suited for Andros Recycling Program
  • Creates large, condensed rolls (800-1,000 lbs.)
  • Available with or without integrated power unit
  • Available in different trailer sizes and options


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