DIGGER Retrieval (Extract/Reuse or Dispose)

DIGGER Drip Tape Retrieval Implements

This equipment has been designed for drip tape users who need to remove the buried tape from their field and then will dispose of the used drip tape. The heavy-duty design provides long life under adverse field conditions. Equipped with a standard undercutter, this machine will dig to a maximum depth of 10 inches and wind up tape into a dense coil for easy collection.


  • Able to extract to a maximum depth of 10 inches.
  • Includes 1 undercutter/lifter.
  • Operator controls tape tension and speed.
  • Standard unit will retrieve 1 row.
  • Additional row spacing and the number of lines retrieved available upon request.
  • Powered by tractor auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Reduces hand labor.
  • Helps eliminate tape trash in the field.