Defender Implements (Low Tunnel)


Short growing seasons and early spring frosts can limit some fruit and vegetable production. For early spring crops, such as strawberry and asparagus, a frost event can significantly reduce yields. For most high-value fruit and vegetable crops, providing protection from frost is often justified.

The Andros DEFENDER Frost Protection Implement (Low Tunnel) allows growers the ability to create a controlled environment for crops. Our low tunnel system deploys the structure and the material simultaneously creating a canopy to protect your plants. Forming straight wire into a mini hoop house has always been a labor intensive job, we incorporate both the plastic placement and the wire forming in a single efficient operation. Supported with 4×4 tubing and laser precision components, the Andros design is second to none.


Low tunnels used alone can increase the air temperature around the plants by 5 to 15 degrees F or more on a sunny day.
Low tunnels have no shady spots — since they are transparent on all sides, they make the most of any available sunlight, maximizing yields.


  • Precision roll carriers.
  • Drop forged opening and closing disk.
  • Ground driven powered.
  • Adjustable placement.
  • Systems offered: single row, dual row, triple row.
  • Made in the USA