Florida Recycling Pilot Program


Are you currently sending drip tape the landfill or having difficulty finding recyclers to take the used drip tape. Andros is a leader in manufacturing high-efficiency machines to retrieve drip tape and is operating the largest recycling program on the West Coast. Andros is looking for Florida farming operations that would like to participate in a 2024 drip tape retrieval and recycling pilot program.

Goals of the program

  • Increase the efficiency of retrieval.
  • Create used drip tape rolls that the most optimal size and density for maximizing logistics.
  • Collect materials (drip tape) and load trucks at the farm.
  • Reduce labor costs (retrieval), reduce landfill and transportation costs, and reuse the plastic material to create other products (recycling/sustainability).

What the farmer is required to do to participate in the program:

  • Work with Andros to determine dates for retrieval and estimated drip tape volume or total acres.
  • Provide Andros with information about your current farming practices and field conditions that would affect retrieval or recycling.
  • Utilize Andros Mega binder for retrieval
  • Allow and support the pickup of Mega rolls on the farm.

If you would like to participate please e-mail your contact information to info@andros-eng.com

Andros – 805-227-2801