RALLY Retrieval (Surface/Reuse)


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100918 Super Duty Retrieval Head with LockArm on 3Pt - Monsanto 7645 (2)_web_3x2
RALLY Retrieval Implements (Junior and Superduty)

Andros Rally Retrieval Implements are used for small to mid-sized drip tape users (1-25 acres), will find this sturdy 3-Point mounted on Retrieval System to be an efficient and cost-effective solution for retrieving above-ground drip systems.

With a wide variety of attachments, this system can be configured to retrieve tape or hose for re-use, recycling, or disposal. When outfitted with the Andros Universal Retrieval Head, this system can effectively wind up surface applied tape for recycling, or Trash-Spool for reuse. The modular design of the Universal Retrieval Head allows the customer to control costs by selecting only the features required for optimum performance.

Starting with the basic model, users can add such performance enhancing options such as pressure sense, tension control, a Level-Wind system for automatic traversing, or optional digital linear measuring system.


  • Hydraulics – 4-GPM open or closed center.
  • Cat II & III – Free and Quick.
  • Easy Release Spool Support.
  • Auto Levelwind (Superduty)

RALLY Drip Tape Retrieval Trailers (End-of-the-Row)

Our RALLY Drip Tape Retrieval Trailers (end-of-the-row) have earned a reputation as a dependable workhorse in any retrievable/reusable drip tape system. The Heavy Production Version trailer is the next logical step for RALLY Drip Tape Retrieval Trailers from Andros, allowing longer pulls, up to a quarter mile plus. These platforms are designed for tape users that must rapidly recover for either reuse or disposal, allowing for more efficiency with redeployment.

The RALLY Drip Tape Retrieval Trailer is built around the Agri-Spool II, 18 – 24-inch reel. New “open arbor” retrieval heads eliminate having to lift and carry full reels of tape. Full reels drop onto a rubber matted loading tray that lets the user go from retriever to storage on standard pallets without ever lifting the reel. All new models are now equipped with our “new” super duty traverse carriage which virtually eliminates level wind maintenance. In addition, our new trailers include a self-lubing traverse box and smooth passage tensioning head capable of passing the AEC rigid 700 Series Couplers.


  • Rear-mounted forklift allows operators to palletize up to 12 reels per pallet without lifting new reels of tape.
  • Overhead racking system provides ample storage space for empty reels, or consider single/double canopy shade add-ons
  • Tape counter keeps track of the amount of tape on the reel. This allows the operator to put on the exact amount of tape they will need for the next installation.
  • Splicing stations allow each head to become a tape splicing station. Any manufacturers heat splicer will mount on our specially designed work-tables. Continue retrieval operations and splice at the same time. All electrical wiring and control components necessary to operate the heat splicing machine are mounted on the trailer.

3pt retrieval_driptape_v003
Common RALLY Implements and Trailers

RT1302-001 (3-PT Implement) – Compatible with 18″ Agri-Spools

RT1303-003 (3-PT Implement, Auto Level-wind) – Compatible with 18″ or 24″ Agri-Spools

RT1601-002 (Light-duty Trailer, 2 Retrieval Heads) – Compatible with 18″ Agri-Spools

RT1601-001 (Light-duty Trailer, 2 Retrieval Heads) – Compatible with 18″ or 24″ Agri-Spools


RT1602-003 (14′ Trailer, 2 Retrieval Heads, Overhead Spool Storage) – Compatible with 18″ Agri-Spools

RT1602-001 (14′ Trailer, 2 Retrieval Heads, Power Unit, Overhead Spool Storage) – Compatible with 18″ Agri-Spools

RT1604-002 (14′ Trailer, 4 Retrieval Heads, Overhead Spool Storage) – Compatible with 18″ Agri-Spools

RT1604-001 (14′ Trailer, 4 Retrieval Heads, Power Unit, Overhead Spool Storage) – Compatible with 18″ Agri-Spools