Transport Trailers


The Andros OMNILOAD Transport Trailers allow you to safely and efficiently load implements, ocean containers, and other cargo. The OMNILOAD Transport Trailers are available in three models; The transport wagon, the tilting trailer, and the self-loading trailer.

OMINLOAD Transport Trailers (Lowering)

The OMINLOAD Transport Trailer (Lowering) allows easy loading and unloading of implements without the requirement of field forklifts. The entire bed lowers to ground level to allow easy implement attachment or detachment.

The unique hydraulic system into this transport is the most innovative design, making a practical option for users.

OMNILOAD Transport Trailer (Loading Dock)

The Andros OMNILOAD Transport Trailer (Loading Dock) allows you to safely and efficiently load bobtail trucks, semi-trailers, and ocean containers from any location. Unlike typical yard ramps, the OmniLoad System can be transported from location to location with any suitable pick-up or medium duty truck.

OmniLoad’s unique design allows it to be operated as a DOT approved trailer when travelling from load site to load site, while also allowing the user to carry cargo such as forklifts and additional loading equipment.

Upon arrival at the loading site, an integral, self-contained hydraulic system converts the OmniLoad from trailer configuration to the yard ramp/loading dock configuration. In the loading configuration the OmniLoad can easily be moved around the loading site with a forklift, and the dock height hydraulically adjusted.

OMNILOAD Transport Trailer (Self-Loading)

The OMNILOAD Transport Trailer (Self-Loading) from Andros features a self-contained hydraulic lift system that allows one truck and operator to pick up, transport and unload three-point mounted implements without the need for a forklift or tractor to assist in the loading or unloading operations.

The OMNILOAD Transport Trailer (Self-Loading)was designed to greatly increase the efficiency of dealers and large growers by reducing the manpower and equipment requirements need to move specialized three-point mounted equipment. The operator simply backs up to the implement, attaches the trailer lift arms, lifts the load, rotates the load lengthwise, secures the load and drives away!

OMINLOAD Transport Trailer


  • Electric power supply.
  • Remote to handle heavy loads.
  • Includes a Gooseneck dolly for easy turning.
  • 20’, 22’, and 24’ decks are available.

OMINLOAD Transport Trailer
(Loading Dock)


  • Serrated steel bar grating deck Material (Aluminun optional),
  • Top and bottom transitions tread plate, 1/2 thk
  • Max live load when loading 20K
  • Designed and constructed in the US

OMINLOAD Transport Trailer


  • Motor and hydraulic power system
  • Hydraulic controls
  • A 3Pt. lift system hitching position
  • A 3Pt. lift system transport position
  • A 3Pt. attachment system
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Led lights
  • Gooseneck


  • Dimensions: 31’L (no tongue) or 37’L (with tongue) x 102”W x 7’10”H (with sled).
  • Total Weight: 12,400 lbs.


  • Ramp angle: 8° – 10°
  • Ramp capacity (Live): 20,000 lb.
  • Trailer CVWR: 15,000 lb.
  • Deck width (usable): 6′ – 8′
  • Overall length: 30′ 7″
  • Loading height range: 42″ – 56″
  • Hitch Type: gooseneck Ball 2 -5/16


  • Trailer Length
  • Trailer Weight Capicity
  • Bumper Pull
  • Camera
  • Spare Tire


OMNILOAD (Lowering)

OMNILOAD (Loading Dock)


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