Netting Implements

GUARD Netting Equipment

Innovative ways to install and retreive netting!

Whether you are protecting your crop from bees, birds, or other wildlife, Andros GUARD equipment has you covered.

Netting Trailer (Bee)


  • Installation and retrieval of bee netting
  • Compatible with Andros wood spools or removable flanges
  • Boom can rotate almost 180 degrees
  • Trailer has bumper pull attachment for easy transport

Netting Implement (Bird)


  • Intrusive wildlife in viticulture
  • Layout and retrieves linear wildlife protection net
  •  Telescoping boom system
  • Compatible with the world famous 28” Agri-Spool II

Netting Implement (Wildlife)
082212 NetMaster_19_web


  • Small to large production environments that require crop protection from intrusive pests, such as insects, reptiles, birds, mammals.
  • Minimal horsepower to retrieve reusable materials, while providing “real time” vertical adjustments and pitching of retrieval scope.
  • Robust front mount tensioning system condenses and maximizes spool use, creating uniform rolls of reusable
    linear net.
  • Rear mounted deployment system