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Andros helps farmers achieve greater efficiencies, reductions in costs and labor, and improvements in sustainability through innovation. Innovations in equipment and services that reduce or replace labor intensive field practices with highly efficient mechanized solutions. From the industry’s best drip irrigation equipment to custom designed equipment, Andros can help you innovate in the field. Contact Andros to see how our Agricultural Equipment, Agricultural Services, and Research & Development Divisions can help you work smarter, not harder.


Do you need to protect your citrus trees with netting?

It's time to order your GUARD bee netting trailers.

The GUARD bee netting trailers provide an efficient method for laying out and retrieving bee netting. The trailers are designed to work with large wooden spools or can ordered with a reusable metal flanges.

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Removing Citrus Netting

Learn more about the Guard bee Netting Trailers


Looking for a company to design and build innovative solutions for mechanizing labor-intensive field operations?

Pruning Table Grapes

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Rely on Andros to design a unique piece of equipment or become your outsourced equipment RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT department.

Andros Engineering has working with farmers to developed specialized equipment to mechanize labor-intensive field practices including pruning, cutting, harvesting, and irrigating. Andros works with you the farmer to understand the issues and cultural practices with the goal to  develop equipment that is more efficient, can reduce dependency on labor, and save the farming operation money with short return on investment.

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It's time to order your drip tape injection equipment.

Update or upgrade your drip injection equipment today. The Andros BOSS line of injection implements, components, and accessories can drive better accuracy and increased efficiencies. Get you equipment ready in your downtime so are ready to go.

Some of the key features of BOSS implements and components include:

  • Highly configurable and versatile designs
  • Ground-following injection tools
  • Finishing kits
  • Braking/Tensioning systems on spool carriers
  • Quick-change spool carriers (SERIES III AND SERIES IV)
  • High-capacity Injection Implements
  • Narrow-spacing components
  • Shallow, medium, and deep injection tools
Drip tape injection

Contact Andros to find out more about BOSS drip tape injection implements at your local irrigation dealer or call Andros at 805-227-2801.

Learn more about the BOSS drip tape injection implements


Drip Tape Recycling - California

Loading Mega Rolls on a truck

Retrieve and get your drip tape recycled through Andros.

The Andros RECYCLING SERVICES is the most efficient way to retrieve drip tape and get your drip tape recycled to be used in other products. The Andros program is the based on the highly efficient Mega Rolls created by the MEGA Binder. The large, condensed MEGA Roll allows farmers to retrieve for long periods, before dropping rolls, and then efficiently move materials to pick up point on the farm. Andros Recycling Services has the crews and equipment to load the MEGA Binder rolls at the farm.

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Learn more about the RECYCLING SERVICES


See the Latest Innovations from Andros Engineering!


MEGA Binder Implements and Trailers are the most efficient way to retrieve drip tape for recycling or disposal. Retrieves numerous drip tape lines simultaneously and creates a large, highly dense roll.


AGILE Pruner Implements provides growers with a mechanized way to prune wye trellis grown table grapes. The AGILE  Pruner implements are available in single and dual head configurations.


The BUMPY extraction implement is a cost-effective and highly efficient equipment for extracting drip tape from plants and soil. the Revolution pulls up the drip tape and lays it on the surface for end of the field retrieval. The BUMPY extraction implement is available in a rigid and folding models.

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Equipment Utilization

Andros Rental Program

Learn how the Andros Rental Program helps farmers add to their installation and retrieval capacities. As grower you may need equipment for just a short time and the rental program can fill this need. See the rental program page for the list of available types of equipment.

Contract Services

Andros Contract Services

There are many ways to complete field operations and contact services can be an alternative. Contact services are only available in certain markets. Contact Andros for more information.

Recycling Program

Andros Recycling Program (California/Hawaii/Washington)

Learn about the program with the most efficient recycling equipment on the market. Create highly condensed, organized rolls that maximize returns for recycled materials.


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