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MEGA Binder Implements and Trailers are the most efficient way to retrieve drip tape for recycling or disposal. Retrieves numerous drip tape lines simultaneously and creates a large, highly dense roll.


AGILE Pruner Implements provides growers with a mechanized way to prune wye trellis grown table grapes. The AGILE  Pruner implements are available in single and dual head configurations.


The BUMPY extraction implement is a cost-effective and highly efficient equipment for extracting drip tape from plants and soil. the Revolution pulls up the drip tape and lays it on the surface for end of the field retrieval. The BUMPY extraction implement is available in a rigid and folding models.

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Equipment Utilization

Andros Rental Program

Learn how the Andros Rental Program helps farmers add to their installation and retrieval capacities. As grower you may need equipment for just a short time and the rental program can fill this need. See the rental program page for the list of available types of equipment.

Contract Services

Andros Contract Services

There are many ways to complete field operations and contact services can be an alternative. Contact services are only available in certain markets. Contact Andros for more information.

Recycling Program

Andros Recycling Program (California/Hawaii/Washington)

Learn about the program with the most efficient recycling equipment on the market. Create highly condensed, organized rolls that maximize returns for recycled materials.


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