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• Integrated Cat II 3 Pt. adapter.
• Auto Levelwind.
• Quick spool load and release.
• Safety chair with Safety Belt.
• Adjustable Vertical Boom
• 4:1 ratio Precision Speed Control.
• Open Center Hydraulics w/ 4 gpm flow requirement.
• Covers up to 1 acre per hour.
• 3 Person Team for layout and Retrieval

Install and Retrieve Bird Netting in vineyards

The Andros GUARD Netting Implements (Bird) is the device that has revolutionized how viticulture handles intrusive wildlife; this system is designed to both, layout and retrieves linear wildlife protection net.

This device's design features our comprehensive telescoping boom system for retrieval and also layout; this provides users the flexibility for adjusting “real time”. In addition, the material is collected with our world famous 28” Agri-Spool II, created specifically for net protection, and reuse.

"No matter what height is required", this system has a built in vertical boom which allows field technicians the ability to raise and lower either layout spool, or collecting funnel, achieving the best scope for productive operation.



GUARD Bird Netting Implement

28" Bird Netting Spools

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