agile Pruning Implements

Double your hand pruning speed while reducing fatigue.

The Andros AGILE Pruning Implement provides table grape growers, who have "Y" trellies,  with significantly decreased pruning costs, with many growers seeing a less than one year return on their investment.

Andros Engineering continues to innovate farm equipment to help growers become more efficient in farm processes. The Andros AGILE Single Head and Dual Head Pruner mechanizes a significant portion of the pruning process for growers that have fields with wye trellises. The Andros Pre-Pruners increase the speed at which the canes can be pruned and reduces labor requirements for this process.



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The Mechanics

The Andros Wye Trellis Pre-Pruner opens at the touch of a button, allowing the pre-pruner to pass around the the trellis arms without damage.

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Patented slow speed cutting system simultaneously cuts and strips canes from trellis. (US Pat: 9,247,691)


One handed control of all machine functions allows adjustment on the go.


Powered by tractors hydraulic system (open or closed center), requiring only 15 gpm capacity.


Universal front 3-pt mounting provides excellent operator visibility, while allowing rapid setup and disassembly.


Which Andros AGILE Pruning Implement is right for your operation?

1. Andros agile Single Head Pruner

  • Crops: Table grapes
  • Trellis: Wye trellis systems
  • Grower size: 50-150 Acres
  • Machine capacity: 15-20 acres per day
  • Special field conditions: Multiple small fields (unit is easy to transport between fields)
  • Design: Robust/trouble-free

2. Andros agile Dual Head Pruner

  • Crops: Table grapes
  • Trellis: Wye trellis systems
  • Grower size: 150+ Acres
  • Machine capacity: 25-50 acres per day
  • Special field conditions: Large Blocks
  • Design: Robust/trouble-free

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