FORCE SDI Heavy Wall Injection Implements

FORCE SDI Heavy Wall Injection Implement from Andros enables any user to inject thick wall poly tubing in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The features engineered into this tool design ensure that SDI injection will be done accurately and safely. Our craftsmanship and the use of ANSI wear resistant materials guarantees the integrity of the injected tubing while maintaining a long working life for the tool. In addition, we have incorporated a large rear radius injector that matches factory requested transitions. This attribute is essential for safeguarding material smoothly through the SDI injection process.

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  • The Deep Poly System is for those working with poly tubing.
  • Designed for SDI applications, these tools will inject up to depths of 20 inches. They can be used in a wide variety of applications such as Orchards, Heap Mining Systems, and Waste Water Systems.
  • Our subsurface drip implements use mechanical break-away clamping, which is integrated into our system platforms.
  • A heat-treated shank provides the strength necessary to inject into the heaviest soils, while our easily replaceable Hi-Chrome shin and toe guards protect against wear from abrasion.
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TB1310-001 Single Row 6’ SDI Poly Tubing Inj. System

SI1601-101 SDI Poly Tubing Deployment Tool

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