EZWIND Drip Tape Retrieval Implements

Our EZWIND Drip Tape Retrieval Implements are designed to dig and loosen while simultaneously coiling drip tape for disposal. The clamshell spool design can easily handle full quarter-mile length runs. Andros's digging platforms can be customized with a variety of tools designed to free tape from all types of soil conditions. Platforms are adaptable to any row spacing and can extract drip tape down to 2 inches.



  • Small to large growers that want to lift and collect the drip tape in a single pass
  • Sweet potatoes, peppers, lettuce
  • Single machine to coil drip tape for disposal
  • Builds a 36" diameter roll
  • Upgradable - 1-row to 3-row implements


  • High-torque winding (dual hydraulic motors per head)
  • Adaptable to numerous row spacings
  • Automatically matches extraction speed to tractor speed
  • Clamshell style auto dump heads
  • UV resistant poly flange sides w/ steel core


  • Spring-loaded coulter wheels
  • Drip Tape Diverters
  • Gauge wheels for depth control



082318 3R EZ Winder_web
082318 3R EZ Winder_6_web
081518 Single Row EZ Winder Platform - Aqua Tech 7511 (1)_web_3x2


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