Let Andros Engineering Drive Efficiency In Your Mining Operation.

Andros manufactures drip line installation equipment specifically for mining. Our equipment is designed to lay out multiple lines at a pass with great accuracy. Choose from coil carriers for deployment or for spool carriers that are compatible with drip lines that are reused multiple times.

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  • Poly drip line laying system
  • Compact design and versatility surpasses all requirements for strength and function
  • Efficient way to deploy poly drip line accurately on SX heaps
  • Surface applications or shallow injected tubing
  • Wear resistant Hi Chrome boot which shields your applicator from destructive abrasives
  • Narrow spacings


  • Enables users to reuse poly drip tubing
  • can now redeploy your product multiple times after spooling
  • Ergonomic design and efficient loading of spools
  • Applicators can be set at a variety of depths
  • Wear resistant Hi Chrome boot
  • Narrow spacing for those projects with large flow demand or high uniformity requirements