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All included  components are certified
  • Made in the USA by Andros
  • Carrier rings are zinc plated
  • Includes resistance straps for overrun protection
  • Iron Oxide Sand Blasted
  • A 2-Stage Epoxy Undercoat
  • A 2-Stage Polyurethane Finish coat
  • Dual Deployment layer protection
  • Adaptable to most any Prime Mover
  • Easy to use
  • Applied Ergonomically design.

BLUE Poly Drip Line Injection Implements (I SX)

Andros has introduced the most innovative poly tube laying system on the market today. This new platform’s compact design and versatility surpass all requirements for strength and function. Andros continues to innovate effective and efficient ways to deploy poly tubing accurately on SX heaps. Designed for surface applications or shallow injected tubing. Our robust applicators can be set at a variety of depths, while each tube layer is protected by our wear resistant Hi Chrome boot which shields your applicator from destructive abrasives. When paired with our new Foldaway Poly-Tube Carrier, users can align multiple carriers for narrow spacing matching hose spacing to your project’s irrigation demand. The carrier’s compact design moves the coil carrier arm closer to the toolbar connection location which helps make the overall unit less crowded and easier to use.

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