BUMPY Drip Tape Extraction Implements

The BUMPY Drip Tape Extraction Implement is the ideal equipment to extract drip tape in shallow applications (buried 2" or less). The implement forces the drip tape out of the ground and over plant material. The drip tape then can be efficiently retrieved from the end of the row by ULTRA Binders or MEGA Binder retrieval equipment. This system was also designed for the vegetable grower who uses drip tape to germinate in the center of the bed, but wants to move tape into the furrows for subsequent irrigations. The extractor applies an adjusted constant pull on the tape while the tractor traverses the field, pulling the tape out of crops and laying the tape on top of the crop or in the furrow.

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  • Easily extracts through crops such as tomatoes and lettuce
  • Reduces hand labor to move tape
  • Places tape on top of crop or furrow
  • Saves tape for reuse or recycle
  • Forces remaining water from drip tape eliminating the need to blow tape lines
  • Works with 8 mil and thicker drip tape
  • Great for multiple rows of tape per bed
  • Shakes debris off of tape


  • Front or rear mounted
  • Coulter wheels


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New Folding version of the BUMPY Drip Tape Extraction Implements!

The Folding version allows easier transportation of the unit in tight spacings, through gates, and on the road.


  • Easily extracts debris and shallow placement.
  • Reduces labor cost and risk.
  • Places tape on top of the surface.
  • 1 - 2 person operation.
  • Helps to shed debris and water.
  • Works with 5 mil and thicker drip tape.
  • Folds for easy transport, and storage.
  • Dual rolling action with aluminum rollers.
  • Safety Stop button included.
  • Safety Fence included.
  • Rotation speed controller included.



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