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Growing HEMP and need to install drip tape?

Hemp farmers are looking for field equipment that can manage multiple products in one pass. The Andros BOSS Injection Implements can be configured to manage multiple functions including dispensing plastic mulch and forming beds on the same pass as installing the drip tape lines. Andros equipment can built to meet the number of rows per pass as needed by a grower.  And Andros extraction and retrieval equipment efficiently removes the drip tape after the season is over.


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Field Information
  • Crop: Hemp
  • Bed size (width): 36"
  • Drip tape diameter: 5/8"
  • Drip tape wall thickness: 8 mil
Functional Requirements
  • Rows (beds) installed per pass: 1
  • Drip tape lines (laterals) per bed: 1
  • Installation depth: 1" below surface
  • Precise installation of drip tape
  • Plastic mulch installation
  • Bed shaping

Note: Andros Equipment can be custom configured and include additional integrated functions.



Common Installation Equipment Configurations

BOSS Injection Implement (1-row/1-Line, BP1901-001)

  • Installs 1 drip tape lines per 36" bed
  • Injection tools: Cast SB injection tools
  • Carriers: Series III
  • Bed shaper
  • Plastic mulch dispenser (48")
BOSS Injection Implements - bed shaper, plastic mulch (BP1901-001)


BEAST Extraction Implement (1-Row, BP1701-001)

  • Extracts 1 line
  • Lifts drip tape for easy end of the row retrieval with Ultra or Mega Binders
BEAST Extraction Implement (TB1019-001)



Common Retrieval Equipment Configurations

ULTRA Binder Trailer

  • For recycle or disposal
  • Creates compacted rolls (200-300 lbs. rolls)
  • Available with or without integrated power unit

MEGA Binder Trailer

  • Best suited for Andros Recycling Program
  • Creates large, condensed rolls (800-1,000 lbs.)
  • Available with or without integrated power unit
  • Available in different trailer sizes and options
ULTRA Binder (TS1703-001)
Mega Binder (TS1701-001)


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