Managing the elements and wildlife 

Our crop protection line helps you to protect your plants from wild animals, pollination, and also snow. Our incredible machines can be outfitted with many of Andros’s tools to ensure the life of your plants.

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Sidewinder Fabric Retrieval Implements

  • Retrieves agricultural crop protection fabrics
  • Create uniform, dense rolls of used fabric material
  • Ideal for recycling of fabric clothes
  • Rapid retrieval
  • Hydraulic ejection of rolls

Defender Frost Protection Implements

  • Install and retrieve frost cloth
  • Simple process for handling heavy rolls
  • Used for disposal or reuse of cloth

Guard Netting    Implements

  • Install and retrieve netting
  • Bee netting
  • Wildlife netting
  • Vineyards
  • Orchards (mandarin orange orchards)

DIRECTOR Mulch Implements

  • Mulch layout implements
  • Can be configured with drip tape injection tools
  • Mulch retrieval implements
  • Single to multiple row units