Andros Drip Tape Recycling Program

The most efficient way to retrieve and recycle drip tape in farming.

With Andros equipment and onsite collection, farmers can retrieve and recycle drip tape at a lower cost. Because the equipment is so efficient and only  requires a small crew, farmers save money both in the retrieval process and with the elimination of transport costs from the onsite collection. Other benefits include reduced time required for getting fields ready to replant and supporting farm sustainability goals by recycling more of the plastic used in farming. So, contact Andros to find out more about drip tape and agricultural plastic recycling opportunities.

The Old Way!

Old Piles of drip tape that need to be cleaned up and transported to the landfill.

The Better Way!

Mega Binder retrieving multiple drip tape lines simultaneously.

The Better Way!

Mega Binder unloading Mega Roll.

The Better Way!

Andros truck transporting Mega Rolls from the farm.


Mega Rolls on Mega Binder LRV Trailer
Why Growers use the recycle drip tape with Andros Recycling program.
  1. Greater efficiency in drip tape retrieval or removal process because the Andros recycling program uses high-speed, high-capacity retrieval equipment.
  2. Lower costs for the drip tape retrieval process due to reduction in the number of tractors and labor. Equipment can be operated or pulled by trucks or tractors.
  3. Highly convenient because rolls are picked up at a consolidated location at the farmers location.
  4. Farmers may be eligible to receive equipment rental credit for recycled materials.
  5. Easier logistics because the Mega rolls are Large, compact rolls ideal for transport and logistics.

Contact Andros and then get a better recycling program started on your farm.

First, enroll in the Andros drip tape recycling program. Then, use a Mega Binder to create rolls. And finally, coordinate collection with Andros recycling team.

Andros Recycle drip tape regions:

  • California (Desert, Central Coast, and Central Valley)
  • Washington (Pasco Area)
  • Hawaii (Oahu)
  • Hawaii (Kauai)
Shows the finished Mega Roll in a field


Mega Binder roll Image
Side view of drip tape collection with a Mega Binder