AEC-700 Drip Tape Connectors (TC0701-101)

The Andros AEC 700 Coupler is designed for 7/8 I.D. drip tape users that want to pass couplers through their injection or layout tools and then retrieve and reuse their drip tape. The coupler's special design allows it to replace the expensive and time consuming practice of heat splicing tape that is being re-used and re-injected. This coupler can be used on any 7/8 I.D. tape that is currently being heat spliced. Joining drip-tape above ground and passing it through an appropriate injection tool saves labor and time. No more digging up tape to install a bulky old fashion coupler, and no more worrying about whether a heat splice has a defect that will result in a troublesome leak or an expensive and damaging blow-out.

Recommended AEC tools for the 700-Series Coupler

  1. 0 "- 6" Injection depth - Cast Coupler Tool (SI1108-001)
  2. 0 "- 10" Injection depth - Universal Coupler Tool (SI0806-001)
  3. 6 "- 16" Injection depth - Hybrid Tool (SI0708-002)

Patent No. 7648178 B1

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Features that make this coupler unique:

  • Guaranteed to seal even the toughest thick-walled seamed tapes. (for example, T-Systems 715, 700 series 15 mil)
  • Will not weaken tape at the spliced location. Patent Pending indexing system guarantees that the coupler will not be over-tightened and weaken the tape wall.
  • Compact design allows retrieval of surface tape without snagging on plant material. Tapered body allows extraction of buried tape up to 12 inches deep.
  • Patent Pending thread design allows coupler threads to work smoothly even in the harshest conditions, (mud, silt & sand).
  • Coupler winds up smoothly onto retrieval reels such as Andros
  • Agri-Spool 18-inch and 24-inch.
  • Coupler fixture device can be attached on to retrieval trailer to allow fast efficient end-of-row field splicing of retrieved tape.
  • UV Protected.


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